Aggh. How do I randomly talk to this guy at school?

So I like this guy. (shocking…)

Uhm, anyway. We go to a small school (about people) so nearly everyone knows everyone’s name. We went to primary school together too so he does know I exist and he does know who I am. He is in the year (grade) above me. We’ve never spoken before, I don’t think.

I mean..I’m so confused, HOW does a person (me) just randomly so out of the blue talk to him? It’s not like I can introduce myself, we already know who eachother is. For one thing..what do I even say to him? How do I just one day talk to him? It would be SO out of the blue, it’d just be weird. So I don’t know what to do.

I know he doesn’t, uhm, get alot of..female attention, shall we say. So it’s not like I have ‘competition’ but still..that doesn’t help me approach him

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  • Speaking from a male perspective, if you make your intentions obvious (in other words don’t confuse him and play games) then just talk to him, flirt a lot and see where things go. If he doesn’t get much female attention then it stands a good chance he will respond well to it and he won’t even stop to think that it’s out of the blue. Just be confident and go for it, it may be scary but it’s worth not just sitting around and wondering and trying to think of suave ways to woo him.

  • does he have a job? if he does, ask him how he likes it or say “hey i saw you there on saturday!” something like that is a great conversation starter, especially in those situations. that’s what i did. also, if he plays a sport or is on any kind of team ask how the last game went, when the next game is, what his favorite sport is(if he plays more than one), etc. any of those should be fine and will get him talking. musical interests would be good too if you don’t want to use those. hope i helped!

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