Are these signs of pregnancy?

Okay. Its been just over weeks since me and my fiancé slept together. Since then though, I have noticed some rather bad and painful changes in me and my body. I get very bad lower back pain from sitting, standing and doing any sort of movement. I feel dizzy if I stand for long periods of time, my breasts are getting sore and when I go to the toilet there is tiny spots of blood on the toilet paper afterwards.

On Monday I he took me out for dinner, and I had to go outside as I was so hot sitting in the resaurant. When I came in he was freezing and had goosebumps up all his arms.

Also I am running to the toilet every minutes now, where as normally I would go or times a day. During the week I had bad stomach cramps, some so bad they made me vomit, but lately they have seizes and are becoming less and less.

Could there be a chance that I am pregnant? Have other people experienced things like this and did it turn out being a baby?



My periods usually come about days early than the usual day cycle. So yes it is about days late.

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  • Yes, those are definitely signs of pregnancy. You should also take a test because those are symptoms, and you need proof. Also those could also be PMS so TAKE A TEST!

  • Take a test. Pregnancy cannot be diagnosed from symptoms honey. Taking a test is the only way to know. All we can do is speculate.

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  • Yes, these are signs of pregnancy but they can aslo be a sign of PMS, so if I were you then I would wait till I missed my period and then test. Good luck!

  • Girl yhu might be pregnant i had the same thang and im and yes i was pregnant

  • all of these are symptoms of pregnancy and they will all get better honey you might want to buy a pregnancy test but is it time for your period or have you missed one

  • most of the symptoms that you are having you wont get tell later on in your pregnancy anyways!

    so no in your case i don’t think these are signs of pregnancy, it could be something else!

  • i think your doc can tell you better if your preggo or not.

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