At what age should you stop going to nightclubs?

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  • Probably when you have to ask that question, it’s about time….

  • I will be years old in July – but I live in Canada so I have been able to go to bars since I was . Honestly, I was bored of them right away. So I never really went all that often. But I now hear more often how people my age () are saying they are sick of it, but there is nothing better to do. I was even talking to this guy once and he said, ‘well i am not staying home on a saturday night’ and that is the answer that most people give, just something to do. Sucks, we are at the age where some people are getting married, others are startin careers, some are still in graduate or undergraduate programs, and some are still partying every weekend working at some part-time job. . . you don’t want to be that year old in the bar – so my advice, if you are over it then you are over it. Doesn’t mean you can’t go once in a while, and you should because that makes it more fun, rather then every weekend. Another thing is try going to pubs, the atmosphere is a bit calmer and more chill and is still a great way to meet people and have a couple beers!

  • Depends where you are in life. Anyone married probably shouldn’t be going out like that. seems about it. Its a bit sickening when you see old people out eyeing up the fresh meat. At any point where someone is going out clubbing by them self, or every weekend i think they need to find a different hobby.

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  • I would say

  • When you lose interest.

    There’s no “standard” about this.

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