BLO JOBB!!! ( why do I get a sore throat after ) please help :(?

last night i gave my boyfriend a blow and i woke up this morning with a sore throat i gave him a couple before and the same thing happened he is clean because i’m his st everything 🙂 he didnt C U M in my mouth ( i kept stopping before he did ) because we didnt want the night just end there 😉 lol i had done it for about mins and i dont know whats wrong please help 🙁 thanks xx


no its not my first time and i do relax i dont deep throat that much i give him that muc of a variety its unbelievable lol

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  • You must really be putting it in deep (too deep) & irritating your tonsils… Even if he likes it, don’t go deep the whole time…. Surprise him w/ it for only a few seconds very sparingly or rarely-It’ll Keep him teased anyway & your throat a-ok!

    Source(s): I have sensitive tonsils too. 🙂

  • If you feel it about to go “Deep Throat”, give him a little nip, that will stop him. He is hitting the back of your throat. Don’t let him Ram you, Just take it in a little way and move your tongue around his penis. he will love that and I guess it’s best to make him *** as soon as you can. he will stop then and it will save your sore throat.

  • Was it your first time?

    well even not or so maybe your throat was forced to expand a little when you BJed him…or maybe he already has something that he doesnt know about yet, you should go check it out first with someone like a doctor or someone like at Plan parenthood something because they can give out tests about what it was, even if it wasnt intercorse

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  • Maybe you just strained yourself, or maybe you let him go too deep too many times. From what I hear, having a sore throat after giving oral sex isn’t an uncommon thing.

  • as quickly as I had a sore throat and cough while i grew to become into pregnant, I took Ricola cough drops, they’re all organic. i think of as long as they’re all organic, its positive. Congratulations and better of luck!

  • too funny

    All I know is i don’t get a sore throat after I recieve a bj

  • ur putting it in to deep?

    deep throat its called

    and ur straining urself

    jst calm down and relax and enjoy it

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  • Sounds like it’s ramming the back of your throat. :/

  • you need to relax you throat that might be why.

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