Books like the hush hush series?

Are there any other books like hush hush? OMGGG I JUST LOVE PATCH AND NORA. theyre so cuteee.

I have already read(and loved)

The Mortal Instruments

The Infernal Devices

The Twilight Saga

Harry Potter

VAmpire Academy

House of Night

Prophecy of the sisters

Vampire Diaries

Chemical Garden


Gemma Doyle

Kissed by an Angel

Sarah Dessen

Gone series

Kane chronicles

percy jackson




there has to be romance like patch and nora

✅ Answers

? Favorite Answer

  • Fallen Series

    Beautiful Creatures

    Hourglass Door Series


    Thirst Series

    If I Stay


    Any, And All John Green Books! (Best Writer Ever!)

    My Favorite By John Green, And My Favorite Book Ever Is the Fault In Our Stars <

    Hope This Helps!

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  • If you liked Shiver try Lament and Ballad, their by the same author and are about Faeries and are extremly good, try Forsaken and that series their about Demon Trappers. Maybe the Stravganza series? They’re liked city of flowers, city of star and city of mask etc and are very good as well

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  • Wow! you’re observant. I by no skill caught that in the process Hush, Hush. Nor the actuality that Seth had bars in his face. in keeping with probability it wasn’t the form of metallic that fairies can not bypass close to (i’ve got no longer examine the books in a on a similar time as, so i can not keep in mind). i’m initiating to get extremely aggravated with the depraved beautiful series. the st grow to be great, the d grow to be good, the . grow to be an absolute fail. I extremely comprehensive it.

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