Can someone help me finding this book? Sci-Fi, probably kid friendly.?

I read a bit of it in an extract that was in my school exam paper but this was a long time ago so I can’t find the paper. I think it was called something like ‘the web’. The extact was about a boy who went onto the internet in some sort of virtual reality ‘suit’ and the internet was a physical place like a game world. When he was there he came across a spider that attacked him. It went on to explain that the type of spider that makes you ill is only there when guarding something very secret/important and normally in public spaces you would only find spiders that give you a small shock.

I would really like to find this book and read the whole thing, if it sounds familiar to anyone, please do tell. If you have a link to somewhere I could buy it online, get it on a kindle maybe?

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  • Solaris?

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