Can someone help me please?

Ok well what is a confidence booster? like im not sure what to do to get my confidence level up except my youth group but thats only once a week

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  • The first thing is to learn to like yourself and not to think negatively about yourself. Make a list of all your strengths, qualities, talents, abilities and things that you can do. Write it all down. Pin it up in an obvious place in your bedroom where you will see it every time you go there.

    Repeat to yourself every morning ” I am as good , as interesting and as talented as others and my views are just as valid as theirs.”

    Force yourself to do something that you do not particularly like or would not do normally to develop your confidence and get out of your security zone. Start with little things such as deliberately deciding to do something different like walking a slightly different way to school or the shops. Take small decisions and do not let indecision prevent you from doing things. Take the plunge when you are apprehensive : once you have done it a few times your confidence will grow. Do not wait for people to ask you to do something: offer to do it before they even think of you.

    Often all it takes is the first step, catch the ball once, dive into the swimming pool rather than go down the steps, interrupt someone, tell them to shut up, or say something like “I completely disagree”, etc…

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    If you have doubts about your abilities, just the fact that you have succeeded once proves to you that you can do it again. Do not think of failure or “What if…”, try !

    Good luck!

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