Can you C/C a scrap of paper possibly by Wire Twerp?

A poem about?

What mantle do we strife to reach

what darken socket do we crawl into

what light is there behind the

dark veil of death?

Is there comfort given on passing

into this eternal abyss? Will friends

be waiting with heavenly outstretched

arms to welcome our passing?

Will eyes now devoid of mortal

senses detect our presence or, will

we be alone in the blackness like an

unconscious mind floating in nothingness?

In life our earthly body, gifted with its

senses feels constant change but does

the soul now released from its earthbound

cage retain any of these senses?

Will it be able to feel and touch in its

strange new world, will it panic when

it discovers the loss of its armour or,

will it now be free to reach infinity?

Free from this earthly structure to go

on and attain things which it never

dreamed possible. Oh my soul I dearly

wish the best for you, we are but one until

divided by death.

But did I write it?

Found on a scrap of paper dated ??

Maybe you wrote it.

Does it look familiar to you?


I think I was half way thorough my second bottle of Gypsy wine (elderberry) when I wrote it Ely. BUT I’M NOT % SURE…

Update :

Will you T’s Downer do one, p……iss orf. You are beginning to GRATE.There is no reason to give anyone a T’s D, EVER.

Its just a b……loody childish mentality of a minority on this board

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  • What a gorgeous thinker this was! I do hope whoever wrote this is still alive, cause I wish to answer him:

    Death is just another door we open, walk through, and begin our lives anew. The past will be there, as surely as our futures. We are old in this time, to be babies in another.

    Source(s): This job makes me wish I were drinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So sorry i visit sparkling it up later. It happens to me each and every of the time everytime I enter a room, adult men the two fall at my feet or they throw papers with their telephone numbers on! Its a annoying activity yet somebody has to do it.

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