Can you give me some help with my story?

There is a wizard who releases a dragon that was trapped inside a book for centuries. The wizard is initially in control as he helps the dragon regain its strength. But after regaining its strength the dragon grabs the wizard with its tail and binds him to be its servant.

I need help thinking of things the dragon could order the wizard to do.

Can you help me?


It’s in a fantasy world.

It’s only wants freedom, food and gold.

It’s male.

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  • You come up with this idea while watching Teen Titans?

    Anyways, the important question here is; what does the dragon want to do? Is it here to take over or destroy the world? Or is it only interested in it’s freedom? Or perhaps it wants revenge on whoever trapped it? Is this modern day Earth or a fantasy world? What do dragons normally do in your story? Do they hide in mountains and collect gold? Obviously your dragon is fairly intelligent, can it take human form? What does your dragon need/want that it can’t or is too lazy to get by itself? What gender is your dragon anyway?

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  • sex

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