Favorite NASCAR driver.?

I love me some #24 Jeff Gordon! but I also like Jr. and Kahne 48 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer The driver of The # 24 Dupont Automotive Finishes Chevrolet from Pittsboro,Indiana,4 Time Champion ,81 wins,JEFF GORDON !!!!! Source(s): J E F F ~ G O R D O N ~ R U L E … Read more

Nascar Nation , …….first…..?

What was the first race you went too, local or nascar ? If you can remember the year too ? LOL For me it was Bryan moter speedway 1958 ,A small 3/8 mile . I’ve learned that regardless of how steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades, and there better be a lot … Read more

Whats the formula for area?

3 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer Triangle (base*height)/2 square length*width circle (radius^2)*pi eclipse pi*a*b sector (r^2*@)/2 @=angle in radians 00 Base x height Source(s): Algebra 200 Area of rectangle – length × breadth Area of square- side × side Area of triangle – 0.5 × base × height 00

How do you know your a NASCAR fan?

48 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer Maybe because I have spent thousands of dollars on NASCAR & Driver ralated merchandise. Not to mention the amout of money I have spent on tickets, hotel rooms, & gas to & from races. And I have driven 11 miles (1way) to wach the final race of the season … Read more

Complete the sentence Lewis Hamilton is…?

I asked this question 4 weeks ago and got the following answers (see link): http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ap… I just wanted to know weather your thoughts of him have changed after the recent events. 51 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer a motor racer. A fine one at that. 30 Lewis Hamilton is a good driver, but i think … Read more

Cheapest type of motor racing?

Which is the cheapest form of car racing of all the diifferent types? What sort of cost would the start up cost be? Around how much would maintenence cost? Any other general information you can give me about it? Thanks. 1 Answer 🥇 Favorite Answer i believe rallycross (in the answer i am writing about … Read more