Where can I take fencing classes?

I’m 13 year old and I want to take Fencing classes this year 🙂 I live in Fall River, Massachusetts and I was wondering if there are any near by places where I can join Fencing, My other question would be, How much does it cost? I need to know how much I will be … Read more

I want to know if this place seems like a mcdojo.?

Have you ever heard of a karate called kyokushin? Well there’s a place in Alabama called Oyama Karate it seems pretty legit. Then the prices are so expensive. Here’s there website plz check it out and give me your opinion.http://www.worldoyama.com/ 4 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer I’ve heard of Kyokushin Karate numerous times and have … Read more

Buying a samurai/katana?

I am wanting to buy a samurai sword/katana, but I am not so sure what to buy….(please don’t say anything about practicing with a practice sword or a bokken)….I will spend up to $1….Am I able to get something decent for that money?…..suggestions? 7 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer No, $1 will buy junk only. … Read more

Did anderson silva throw the fight?

I see where a lot of Silva fans have very good disputable evidence as to whether or not Silva threw the fight. I have another bit of info that might suggest that the fight was fixed. Silva took a brutal beating for five rounds against Sonnen 1, did anyone see how fast the silva vs … Read more