Census – woman as head of household?

On the Census, a member of the household was labeled the head of the household, and in most cases it was the husband/father. In a household of two elderly sisters living alone, would one of them be considered the head of the household in the roster?

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  • For questions such as this, the instructions to the enumerators should be consulted.


    and start looking at how the “head” of the family is defined starting about paragraph

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  • Head of household for a female indicates the absence of a male who could assume the role. If an elderly or completely disable or insane person was alive and living in a household but a sane, rational, physically capable female was living there, of age, she would be the head of household.

    If a woman was widowed, she would be head of household.

    If two women were living together, one would be head of household.


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  • Yes.

    All households had a head. I have seen cases where a widowed lady with an adult son and his wife and their children are all living in the same house, and she is the head.

  • Usually when that was the case the eldest sister would be put as the head of the family.

  • library. information. it particularly is like “roll call” different than it particularly is each years,( if it particularly is of help to you). your state sends a form to each and each residence which you may fill. it asks who you’re, the way you acquire right here, and is anybody Else residing with you, etc. issues like that, for information

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