Character names for my story? Please help! Easy Points!?

I am writing a story and I need some names. There are probably going to be – girls and – boys. Any ideas?

~I would like the main girl character to have a name meaning adventure, journey, wanderer, loner, etc. She could also have a name that sounds like she would be an adventurer or wanderer or something. She will be between the age of – so a teenage name would be good.

~Then there are also a pair of twins who are girls or a boy and a girl. I would like them to have names that relate to each other and mean shadow, darkness, night, eternal, immortal, etc. Or their names don’t have to be super similar, but they have to be opposites. The twins will be around the age -. I was thinking about naming them Umbra(shadow) and Nox(night), but isn’t that kinda cliche?? I also was thinking about naming them Durie(black) and Aubin(white)?

~I need a guy name that means hard worker or something along those lines. He will be around the age -. For him, I could just use random guy names that sound cool.

~And if I do decide on making another guy in my story, his name can be kinda anything. So please post any guy names that you think are good and their meanings! He will be around the age -.

Thank you so much!! I have looked up a ton of names, but I just can’t seem to find the right names. I would like your opinions please! Thank you!

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  • ) Avventura means adventure in Italian; Fiona could pass as adaption of the Gaelic word fiontar, meaning adventure.

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    ) Notte and Luce, mean night and light in italian; Lean and Solas mean Shadow and Light in Gaelic. I like Aubin and Duri, but you’re right aobut Umbra and Nox, because they’re just too obvious.

    ) Dean could work as adaption of déan, which means worker in Gaelic.

    ) Leannán means lover in Gaelic, I kind of love the name.

  • . Oliver, Kevin, Ethan, Kieran, Jesse, Ian, Logan, Percy, Warren, Wyatt . Leo, Jason, Nick, Alex, Ivan, Luke, Craig, Chris, Connor, Matt, Scott . Amaia, Cora, Elaina, Alanna, Julia, Jamie, Daphne, Evangeline, Juniper . Scarlett, Sydney, Saffron, Samantha, Stephanie, Savannah, Sally, Stacey

  • Hey!

    For the main girl character, you can name her Terra. Although it technically means “the earth” in Latin, the name sounds adventurous. It can also mean that she’s very adventurous, so she would explore the whole Earth if she could? Kind of cheesy, but it’d work 😉

    For the twins, I don’t know. Take the other suggestions.


  • – The main girl could be : Everlast.

    – Twins, the girl: Belind, and the boy: Trevor.

    – The boy: Josh.

    – Roman, Matthew, Torrys, Tom, Holly,

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  • ~Willa, Willow, Terra, or Mica.

    ~ Adrienne + Ciana (dark and light), Luna/Lunette + Dawn (moon and dawn). Also, I have a character named Nox, which would also work quite well.

    ~ Matt, Damian, Lucian, Chase, Blake, etc.

    ~Daren (Born at night) Corey (Raven) Braedan (of the dark valley)

    Hope this helps! 😀

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