CHEERLEADING….Help with cheer?

So far i have, “the best against the rest”

Its a competition cheer so if that helps.

Our team is the raptors

Our colors are black gold and white

Our school is East Ridge

It cannot be a cheer of your squads and it cannot be a UCA cheer it has to be a written cheer and I dont want a whole cheer, just some ideas. I”m not captain so dont say “well a captain should know this” well im not so dont say it. Please help.

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  • Here are some i quickly thought of, hope this helps

    black gold and white,

    You know we always fight.

    Raptors bring the fear,

    East ridge is here.

    you know this is our year,

    you know we strike the fear

    the black gold and white

    Raptors win this fight!

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