I get to have a dance solo and I want a really fun song. 🙂 I’m thinking of something like this:

If you know any then please tell meeeee!!! MODERN songs please! Nothing old 😀

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  • Tonight Tonight- Hot Chelle Rae

    Down Town Girl- Hot Chelle Rae

    I like it Like that- Hot Chelle Rae

    A** Back Home- Gym Class Heroes

    Price Tag- Jessie J

    Domino- Jessie J

    We r who we r- Kesha

    Part of Me- Katy Perry

    Starships- Nicki Minaj

    Glad You Came- The Wanted

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    also, i was being a bit sad and i checked your questions…. sorry. however i did notice you did a business and marketing degree. great choice. i took business (not specifically marketing though) and liked marketing!

    in terms of the business degree (to answer that resolved question) it isnt tailored to any specific job and thats the beauty. it will allow you to apply for a massive range of corporate and public sector roles. it also sets you up with a lot of business knowledge and thought processes, even just the way people perceive and talk. thats very valuable when in an interview and starting out in a career.

    id advise you to do a masters degree part time once your employed in a decent job. do your masters in something more specific and which will lead you down a more defined career path, once your clearer in terms of the path you want to take.

    hope i helped with that question, but otherwise, thanks for rating me a and please do feel free to email me 😉 x

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