Did babies really use to sleep in drawers if the parents didn’t have a crib?

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  • My husband and I were visiting hubby’s parents in the US and we were taking a long drive the following day. My four month old’s travel crib had been packed in the car and so she slept in the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers. It was an antique dresser and so the bottom drawer was big and deep. She fit in there just perfectly and slept soundly! My mother (I’m scottish) said it was commonplace when she was a child, especially in large families.

  • haha, yeah. my mom said that when my brother was born he had to sleep in a drawer; as he was early and she just wasn’t prepared. but that was over years ago..

  • I slept in one..a few times I think my mom told me. She said she cushioned it all up and safely put me in there and I slept better than I ever had before lol

  • I have heard of that on more than occasion… as well as a laundry basket (makeshift bassinet).

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  • yeah my brother in law slept in the hamper

  • yep, happened a fair bit in my family.

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