Do You See the character GOLLUM, as representation of "Addiction" – though J.R. may have not intended.?


I was thinking — for any of YOU who “Are” / or who “Know” an ADDICT ( of ANY preference )….

… does GOLLUM affect you, as the characterization of an modern-day “Addict”

( I’m sure that Tolkien envisioned him as “Obsession” — but it’s the st Century, folks !! 🙂

I don’t know — just a thought… 🙂




Thanks for the detailed and POV answers !! They are GREAT !!

I guess I see so much of this… “decrepidation” Gollum is willing to endure, for the Ring.

Reminds me so much of of the “Addicted Mind”

— The movie version strikes me more strongly, than any other “Actual Addiction” story, that I’ve seen in Films.

Maybe this is why I posted this(??) – not really sure…


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  • both sides of the story, (first two answers) make sense. I lacked seeing a human condition in him a film viewing. But I think that was a mistake in retrospect. Did not read the book. He does plot to obtain the ring. That may have impact on the answer. I am not a psychologist however.

    It was the ring that supposedly caused the desire though. Right?

    final answer … “saucery”

  • I don’t see him as an addict. There’s a difference between addiction and obsession, in this case the most obvious sign is that the object of his obsession is that, an object. He is not following a routine or partaking of any substance. He might be ‘addicted’ to the ring’s power, but it’s clear that in his warped mind, he’s more obsessed with its ownership. I don’t think you can really argue he’s ‘addicted’ to owning it, he certainly doesn’t seem to suffer withdraw symptoms from not having it, he just wants it a lot. Simply wanting something lots and lots is obsession/greed, not necessarily addiction.

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    He also doesn’t have some other classical signs of the addict. He doesn’t pick up any new behaviour to compensate for the fact the ring isn’t on him (no false rings or stealing random gold rings). He wants one PARTICULAR gold ring, not just the sensation of having it. He is obsessed with getting it back, and will do anything to get it back, but this obsession doesn’t fade in the slightest after a ‘hit’ – it’s not enough to touch it now and then.

  • As J.R.R Tolkien very clearly pointed out in the preface of the first book (at least the version that’s in my bookshelf) he didn’t intend any metaphors or characterizations at all. However, Gollum does, to me at least, represent somewhat of an addict in some of his ways and actions. Which also suggests that the ring would be a drug, which is interesting.

  • Hi Libby!

    Wow, that’s an amazing question actually.

    The way I see it is that he was corrupted by power, the power in the ring, and therefore not an addiction.

    He suffered from obsession like the way a child is obsessed with finishing a video game. Can’t say it was as harmless as that though as the power of the ring really ruined his life.

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