Do you think it’s very weird that a few people have met one of their great-great-grandparents?

That’s generations


I mean that they have seen them

Update :

I guess very few could have seen one of their great-great grandparents when they were children ( the great-great grandsons of course) and remember it

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  • No. Most people have most of their children between the ages of and . Call the average space between generations .

    If you are now , in , chances are

    You were born in

    Your parents in (they are now )

    Your grandparents in (they are now )

    Your great grandparents in (They’d be )

    Your GG GPs in (They’d be )

  • BASIC MATH, and average age expectancy.

    A gr gr grandparent would GENERALLY be in the neighborhood of about yrs old, ASSUMING that the new parent in each generation had their child at age .

    A child will generally NOT have memories prior to age , of persons who they did not see on a daily basis. If child arrives at age …if gr gr grandma dies at , the LIKELIHOOD of meeting and remembering is slim.

    That is using assumptions, and age at each birth. People are not automated. My mother was born when her father was age in …he died in . I wasn’t born until . I am the other extreme but you get the idea. I never met even my grandparents..all were dead before I was born.

  • Not weird, but for those people it would be a privilege. Rather unusual too, but not impossible. My mum met her great-grandson who was aged when she died (aged ). If she had lived another ten years, the same great-grandson might even be a father himself.

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  • My cousins child managed to meet his great, great grandmother a couple of months before she died. However I think with current life expectancy and children having children, it’s something that’s going to become common in the future.

  • Based on the current life expectance, if a child was born every years you could have a child age and a GG-GP who was .

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  • Being an old man, I think that it is not only weird but disgusting. People should not have children when they are still children. generations ago for myself takes me back to the American Revolution…One was born in , died in . In my family, a generation averages years for women, for men.

    Now you know why millions of people are starving to death, why there is so much crime, pollution, wars….people have the itch!

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  • No why should it

  • Not if they’re Japanese ;P

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