Do you think my novel idea is decent?

It’s a fantasy/adventure novel. It’s a bit cliche, but that’s just my opinion. I still haven’t come up with much, like the names of the characters and kingdoms and other stuff, though, but hopefully you’ll get the basic point.

The story takes place in a mythical land that contains four kingdoms and a forest. Previously, the kingdoms were at war, but it came to a halt when a system was created to make peace. This system is known as The Messengers’ Alliance [[this is the title of the book]]. Approx. years later, a new war is starting to erupt between the kingdoms, and the messengers (the people who work in the alliance and help keep the peace) can’t seem to stop it.

The main character is a young messenger boy who is assigned a mission to deliver the message of war to the ambassadors of the alliance. There are four ambassadors, one in each kingdom. The MC is supposed to travel from kingdom to kingdom to unite them.

Along the way he meets several people, and a couple of them join him on his mission to help him. However, the war still doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to ending, and the MC unintentionally gets wrapped up into the war, and soon becomes a victim of the one thing that he was to stop.

At the end, the war basically destroys the kingdoms and the forest, eventually turning the land into a barren wasteland.

Do you think it’s a good idea or no? I’m still deciding whether or not the ending should be tragic (which I do, and don’t want). Just wondering if it’s worth the work to write.

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I’m going to try to make it as realistic as a fantasy can get.

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  • It sounds absolutely enthralling. I think that, executed correctly, this could be a bestseller. Your description alone is well thought out and interesting in itself. I would love to see this happen, and I would love to read it! Good luck.

  • I am an avid reader and writer and i love stories. I think this is an entertaining story that could have lots of twists. Some tips though would be to take out the tragic ending i know it sounds cool but could u imagine reading a book only to find at the end nothing works out it would really suck. I do like the story and u could really work a lot with it although i think u should add a little more to make it that much more original. I hope this helped and i hope u do wright the book.

  • I like it!!! Totally write it, and then tell me where I can get it! It sounds great! I don’t really lke tragic endings though. I also like books with romance in them, so you could do that, but you don’t have too. Good luck writing!

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