Do you want my autograph?


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  • There’s like ,, people in the world who’s name is Ryan Wade. Do you have a pack with a V line and a slight stubble with sex hair and has a jaw line? If you do, call me. Also you need to to look like Keith Urban he’s one damn thing so hot I just wanna. He gives me the feels okay>!

  • sure…I’ve seen a few celebrities and entertainers but I came really shy to ask them for autographs. I just get so dumbfounded.

  • Sure lol it would be a change for someone knew instead of those same old celebritys

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  • No, but can I borrow $. until next Thursday?

  • yes i will take it on a blank cheque,i will wait a couple of years before i cash it.

  • nah, male models make me feel inadequate

  • yes hons if your hot hung cute

  • I think I’ll pass.

  • sure

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