Eve, she only does a jump kick.?

Is that what it is called I forget.
Since we all know who wins the matches are set up, why on earth does Eve win?!
All that she does is a jump kick I swear. While, Maryse does much more. Now I’m not saying Maryse is all that, but she pwns Eve.
&& It’s so annoying to see her kick some one down, they get up to be hit with a jump kick 3 more times.

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  • that’s what i’m sayin. Eve sucks, and we all know Maryse isn’t the best in the world but she is so much better than Eve in all aspects, the wrestling and the entertainment parts. And she’s much hotter.

    BTW it’s called a drop kick but she almost never actually connects with it
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  • Eve does more than Maryse for your information. The only thing Maryse does is her gut kick and that stupid DDT.

  • It doesn’t matter. She needs to practice getting on her knees if u know what i’m sayin

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