Fiancé had a one night stand with some girl back in high school… Might be a date to our wedding?!?!?


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    Meh. It was ancient history. I wouldn’t feel weird about it at all. My husband has remained friends with all of his exes so your situation wouldn’t phase me.

    Your wedding isn’t until July. A LOT can happen between now and July. I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were you.

  • I think you should grow up.

    He slept with this chick in high school. Hopefully that was a long time ago, and she is seeing someone else now.

    My wife and I both had former lovers at our wedding. I am still good friends with many ex girlfriends, and several of them were invited to our wedding.


    I totally agree with you, Katey. How can people be so jealous and insecure?

  • I think it’s a pretty good rule of thumb not to invite people that either of you have slept with previously…and although he isn’t inviting her directly you are inviting her boyfriend and they are a social unit…THUS, it’s not a good idea to invite this old friend. If he’s hesitant because he feels obligated to invite him out of loyalty…well, I had this trouble when planning my wedding too. My husband really felt the need to invite people who we don’t even talk to anymore..just because we’ve known them so long. Well guess what, most of those people didn’t end up showing up even though they RSVP’d…so have a talk with him again, tell him it wouldn’t be fair to his friend to be told he can’t bring his GF (which is actually a huge etiquette no, no to tell someone they can’t bring a specific guest), and his GF coming is out of the question since it’s your wedding and neither of you should be having any of your ex lovers at the wedding…. so it’s best not to invite him at all.

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    And this has nothing to do with jealousy, or anything like that, I totally get’s a day about you guys, and everyone else before him, everyone else before you is in the past now. This is your day.

  • Guests at a wedding should be close friends and relatives—not some guy he was friends with in high school and now doesn’t really talk to anymore. Tell your fiance that this guy doesn’t belong at your wedding and you would feel very uncomfortable if they were there.

    I don’t understand why your fiance would even consider inviting this guy if they are no longer good friends.

    Source(s): Common sense.

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  • Yes I would be uncomfortable. Talk to him. If this was his best buddy then she’d need to come. But since he’s not real close, it’s probably better if you can convince him not to invite them. (It is better to not invite both, than to invite him only). The gain to your fiance (inviting a not so close friend) seems to me to be outweighed by your discomfort. Anyway, at the very least, talk this over with your fiance.

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    Anyway, you can delay your final decision until you send invitations in next April or so. Perhaps they won’t be together then?

  • I would feel so uncomfortable if that happened!

    Your fiance needs to forget about his high school friend and move on because hello… He’s getting married and starting a new life with you!

    It’s suppose to be your special day.. you want to enjoy that day with him and people who you love and have this perfect day without having to worry about anyone!! Voice out to him that you don’t want her there. He needs to understand.. don’t let him invite this friend because there’s a great chance that girl if going to be there and thats not ok.

    And congrats on the engagement!

  • Well personally it would not bother me and I doubt whether it would bother the girl. You are marrying this man so clearly he didn’t want her and picked you.

    Get over it all and have a glorious wedding. I guarantee you wont even notice her.

  • If he’s not close to the guy now y not save money and not invite him and save u the trouble of acting like an adult

  • Seriously?? Wow reading all these answers it really surprises me how many insecure women there are out there…

    He was with her ONCE. He didn’t even like her enough to DATE the girl and she wasn’t even good enough to bang twice.

    What exactly is her threat to you?

    Stop being so bat sh*t crazy – they don’t even know each other.

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    Source(s): My fiance’s ex gf from high school is my MOH. It’s not a big deal, she is not my competition.

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