For my final art piece I am going to paint onto a plastic mannequin, what paint do you recommend I use?

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  • Your best bet is probably enamel which is used by plastic model builders (boats, cars, tanks, airplanes, etc ) but I don’t recall seeing any that are not glossy. Check a local hobby shop. Testers™ is the brand that comes to mind.

    Acrylic is probably the most realistic choice, but you probably should roughen up the surface to make sure it sticks. Once over with steel wool should do the trick.

  • The answer has got to be ACRYLIC paint. Acrylic is suitable for painting on all forms of plastic, wood, even glass. An oil based paint would most certainly go crazy and crack off, and you would not be able to wash or clean the mannequin. If you can use acrylics straight from the tube you will find that once they dry they become a plastic polimer resin that will withstand most things. If you have difficulty you can contact me on [email protected] or Good Luck.

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  • Acrylics won’t last. if your mannequin is plastic, even if you rough up the surface, it’ll eventually crack and peel unless you use the right primer.

    What is your mannequin made of? Figure that out and go to your local hardware store or bring one of the arms in to the store and ask someone there for their help. If you get the right primer you should be able to use acrylics without worry or any other paints you may want to use.

    But ask someone at the hardware store first tell them what you want to do. They should know how to do it.

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    Good luck

  • Hm. I think you could probably use acrylics with not much water, but you will probably need to do a light sanding first.

    Or no! I know – there are these spray paints that are for plastic, like for patio furniture and whatnot. You could probably use those!

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  • Water-based paints would not work. I would try using oil-based paints.

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