Gas fireplace improvement ideas?

Wondering on any ideas an old gas fireplace in a home. There is a gas hook up inside that hasn’t been used it seems for awhile and unsure how to. I don’t plan on using it- just don’t have any ideas on how to make the fireplace look better. Someone mentioned it looked like a cheap looking fireplace.
Is there a way I could decorate it with removing the inside of it- there’s a gas hook up behind it. Any ideas?
Here is a picture link of how it looks below:…

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  • Omg that thing is a antique . By the looks this is a old gas fire heater from the 40’s or 50’s. it looks like there is no vent for the fumes. They were design that way. Unfortunately many people got sick from the fumes and they were banned. In saying that if there is no exhaust or chimney you cannot use a gas fireplace. Someone I know had this very same fireplace . It looks like a fireplace but no chimney

    There are nice electric ones that are not bad actually very nice. If you can run hydro to that spot that is a idea.

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