Good fictional books?

I have a hard time finding good books that interest me.

I love fictional books about fairies (any mythical creature), love, and from the point of an animal.

My favorite book is Ash by Malinda Lo.

It’s a remake of cinderella but more fairy tale.

The girls parents die and she is stuck with her stepmother and sisters and is made into their house keeper. She was always into books about fairies and so was her mom. She would sneak out and go to her mothers grave and she met a fairy guy. She began to fall in love with him and him with her. But then she met a huntress and fell in love with her. She would do anything to be with her but her stepmother was stopping her. So she made wishes with the fairy to make her able to hang out with the huntress but by making a wish she had to pay a dept which was to go away and be with the fairy. The fairy said her mother was a witch and cursed him to love a human girl. But Ash(mc) had to choose between being with the fairy or huntress. So ash told the fairy that if he loved her he would let her free. And so he did.

I love these kind of stories, especially when it involves bi or lesbians falling in love. But it is so hard to find interesting books.

Any suggestions?! 🙂

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  • this is a perfect series for you. The Darkangel Trilogy

    there fictional, it has a curse in it, love, sadness and a water witch and its mystical.


  • i desire he wrote the paper properly because it advantages an A+. Now there’s a baby consisting of his head on properly. Why ought to the instructor no be o.ok. with it? it really is sparkling that the Bible is a artwork of fiction from the first actual line “interior the starting up God created each and every of the heavens and the earth”. It only receives extra fanciful after that. Wow, how ought to it no longer be fiction? Seven headed bests, a deliver sufficiently huge to carry of each and every animal, people making wine from water, walking on water…etc, etc. those are basically an incredibly small celebration of the ludicrous anecdotes in the course of the completed tale. Edit: Lion of Judus. You look to have skipped over any verses that condone morbid violence, horror, incest, muder, genocide, beastiality or the different human rights abuses or atrocities that exist for the time of what’s refered to as ‘the forged e book’. How accessible.

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  • Miss Whitton, try reading A S Byatt – Angels & Insects, The Children’s Book, Possession & the quartet beginning with ‘The Virigin in the Garden’.


    Drop everything, get to a bookstore and buy this incredible novel. I just finished it. I read it in a day, granted I’m a pretty fast reader (roughly seven hundred pages in a day) but it’s definitely worth reading! Totally everything you like, fantasy, mystery, incredible and I MEAN INCREDIBLE writing. If you have ever been to search the book and read the first review. There is no way I could state it better myself. Also if you like this book called ASH, go on and type it in, they have like every book in the world and will give you suggestions based on your likes and dislikes. I hoped I helped! Heres the review for your convince:

    “Kat Kennedy

    Read on October ,

    Do you remember that Taylor Swift song about Romeo and Juliet, Love Story?

    It’s lyrics go something like this:

    I’m a pretty little girl who knows nothing about literature

    So I sing a song about starcrossed lovers

    Whose only problem is that Daddy doesn’t approve

    But it’s all good because we get married anyway.

    Just like that cliffnote’s story about Romeo and Juliet!


    (video of a guy pretending to shoot himself using his fingers as a gun)

    We have a tendency with YA literature today, to have stories with the super duper happiest of happy endings where everything works out and true love’s only real complications are external difficulties, and self-esteem issues for the girl.

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    I’m trying to think of the perfect example here and because this review is full of cheap shots at easy targets I’m going to go with…


    Come on down, Bella and Edward!

    Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with happy endings and butterflies and rainbows and kittens. They’re lovely, lovely things and in the hands of an accomplished author, they do well. There’s also nothing wrong with having a relationship that’s troubled by only external forces. Once again, in the right hands it’s fine. I’m not being a miserly old Grinch here. Okay, maybe a little bit, but moving on!

    The problem is that in real life, relationships are usually impacted by internal factors. So when you base your story on perfection that can only be tainted by evil people trying to destroy your true love, and twist the story to finally reach that happily ever after, then what you sacrifice is often the very real, almost-tangible, relatable emotions that a more realistic, thoughtful storyline could bring.

    And also, Romeo and Juliet is a TRAGEDY, Taylor Swift.

    (there was a video of Kiernan Culkan here that said “kick her in the balls”)

    Thank you, Kieran Culkan. You’re a fresh breeze amongst the stagnant world of apathetic performers.

    Now what I love about Laini Taylor, other than everything, is that this woman is made of fairytales. I swear she’s like woven together by sweet kisses and dewdrops. She’s been sung into being by blind minstrels bathed in moonlight. She’s wrapped in gossamer and shrived in pure white swan feathers. You know, all that magical ****. She’s that. The woman is magic and she writes magic. If anyone could take Romeo and Juliet, mate it with a YA paranormal romance and produce a love child that people don’t want to drown at birth – then it would be Laini Taylor.

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    This book is powerful, emotive, heart breaking, anguishing!

    What I’m saying…the point I’m trying to make here…the truth is… Laini Taylor kicked my heart in the ***.

    And I LIKED it!”

    —and I liked it too lol. Definitely worth reading!

    Source(s): I just read the book….here’s the link to the actual post

  • list of fictional buks…

    great fictional buks…

    Popular Fiction Books

  • Fledgling

    [Probably the most strange and unsettling vampire story I’ve ever read…has bisexual elements.]…

    The Wraeththu Series

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