Good idea for Harry Potter fanfiction?

Does anyone think that this is a good idea for an AU HP fanfic? (warning – contains a Harry sibling, so if that sort of thing wants to make you gauge your eyes out, proceed with caution!)

On Halloween when James and Lily were killed and Harry defeated Lord Voldemort, there was someone else in the house too. His twin sister. The reason why she survived is because basically, Voldemort couldn’t get round to killing her. He was going to finish her off after Harry, but since he was nearly dead, he didn’t have much of an opportunity.

Then when the twins are placed on the Dursley’s doorstep, a crazy Muggle woman who was desperate for a daughter stole her (and left Harry, because she didn’t want a boy). She renamed the baby (who’s original name I haven’t really decided on yet) Julia Whittaker.

Julia lives with her ‘mother’ until she gets her Hogwarts letter. There’s obviously going to be some sort of conflict between them here, but Julia goes anyway.

Harry and Julia are none the wiser to the fact that they were related. In fact, Harry finds out when he sees his whole family in the Mirror of Erised. And… that’s all I’ve got. 🙂


For the person asking, my penname is RoseMary, but there’s not much point going on it. I haven’t even got anything on it yet =)

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  • I love HP fanfics, but I’ve read a lot of Harry sibling stories, including ones where one sibling is stolen away.

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    I think the biggest problem you’ll have, is getting people to like Julia. It sounds like she’ll be a big part of the story, more so than Harry, so you have to handle her carefully. Make sure she’s not perfect, the readers will maul her if she seems slightly Mary Sue-ish.

    I do like the Mirror of Erised idea, it’s very interesting, but what are you going to do about the Dursleys? They would have been told Harry had a sister, Lily may have had trouble with her sister, but she still would have told her, why wouldPetuniah keep that from Harry?

    The story could still happen, and it does sound interesting, ^_^ Just have long chapters (, to , words) good grammar/not OOC characters, and you’ll get some reconition.

    Good luck!

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  • Sounds excellent! What’s your penname? I wanna read it!

  • Really fantastic!!!!

    Why don’t you try to write stories of your own? I’m sure you can…. you are really talented as a writer!!!!

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