Harry Potter Sucks!!?

Just wondering if this is true, I think so.


I’ve actually read the first books. I couldn’t go on I just thought that the series got boring and repetitive.

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  • I happen to be a Harry Potter fan. I’m almost finished with the last book and last movie. I respect your opinion, but do you know how much of an impact this book series has had. It helped more children to read. Without the series, you would probably see more kids sitting on the street and just doing whatever. I bet their vocabulary and literacy would be horrible. Harry Potter helps increase literacy and vocabulary a lot. Harry Potter inspired me to become a writer. This books series has had such an impact. It definitely helped kids to love reading.

    I still respect you’re opinion though. However, why did you make a post on this? I dislike James Patterson’s Witch and Wizard Series a lot due to lack of many things, but it’s not like I make a post to make a statement of how much I hate it. It’s like making the posts that say ‘Which one is better: Harry Potter or Twilight?’. They’re completely worthless and they just start flame wars.

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  • I tried the first three books to see what the big deal was. I wasn’t impressed. The writing was underdeveloped and annoying, the plot was formulaic and trite, and the characters were “meh.” I think the only thing in the series that was truly original was the game she invented. But I was very annoyed with how she wrote about it. Everything else in the series is taken from other mythologies. She just mixed and matched.

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  • It gets mature in the later books. The first were directed towards children mainly.

    But I love the series a lot.

  • It isn’t as good as it seemed to me when I was little (and obsessed enough to get a Harry Potter cake), but the fanfictions are still good. Maybe it’s just the sheer volume of them, but I can always find another good Harry Potter fanfic.

  • NO it doesn’t! Unless you are a freaking realist and hate magic! The series are spectacular! The imagery, the language, the plot, the characters, they are all beautifully written. I have no idea why you think these books suck! Is it because they don’t cuss that often and there’s no sex? If that’s what you look for in a book then I’m sorry you have no life!

  • It’s completely hyped, you’ll find that true of most contemporary fiction.

    Older works are better written, they just pander less to the layman.

    Intelligence isn’t “in” right now.

  • Well it can’t be “true,” because it’s an opinion. It’s obviously true for you since you think so.

    I enjoyed Harry Potter.

  • I bet you’ve never read one single page of Harry Potter. Don’t talk **** about something you know nothing about.

  • You really should read the books. They are amazing. I am a huge fan. JK Rowling is an amazing author…

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  • my name is harry pot now have a nice day

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