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My aunt has an unusual middle name – ULDINE. I am wondering if it may have been a last name in some previous generation. Has anyone EVER heard the name Uldine and if so in what context – give name or family name? Does anyone have any idea what the country of origin might have been if it is a last name?


I asked my Aunt and she has no idea why my Grandmother named her that. You would have to know my aunt to understand why she never asked. I would have asked if it were my name. Unfortunately, my Grandparents are long gone. I have a tree at Ancestry and have gone quite far and still have not come across another instance of the name. Thanks to all for your input.

Update :

It can’t be Uldine Utley. She was born too late. My Grandmother’s ancestors were from Scotland, England, and Germany. I find names fascinating and there are so very many in the family who were named after ancestors. It makes the family search even more meaningful.

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  • There are Uldines (first name) in the census.

    There are also some with this name in the white pages.

    The passenger lists have Uldines from Scandinavia, Germany, Italy and England.

    The name could possibly be Swedish.

    Source(s): ancestry.com

  • Maybe after Uldine Utley a child preacher from the US in the s?



    Ancestry has more examples of it as a first name than as a last in the US.

    I’m guessing your grandparents have passed on and you can’t ask them or did they have any siblings that might know?

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    You best bet would be to try and trace the family tree and see if anyone else has that name, if they do then you will have your answer for sure – otherwise you are really only guessing it’s origin.

  • Agree with your thought that it may well have been a Surname some place back in the family history.

    That has happened within mine- not uncommon practice

    Going to take guess and say French or Dutch

    Out of curiosity , have you ever just googled or binged the name ?

    also try usgenweb

    enjoy your search

    ps a bit later I am back

    grin go to GlynnGen.com -put Uldine in search and scroll thru all



  • no sorry

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