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I know this might be a stupid question, but I need help spotting. I know how to spot when I do Sashays and Pique Turns, however I have never really been able to spot while turning. This hasn’t really been a problem for me, because I can still do a triple turn without spotting. However, I HAVE to do a double pirouette in my dance recital this year and I just cannot get it. I believe it may be because I don’t spot while turning, however I am not % sure, any advice?

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  • Basically, practice makes perfect. Sounds stupid and cliche, but its true. Whenever you get the chance, just turn. When you spot, pick a spot, hold it, then turn your head around at the last moment, then do the same for the second turn. It may not be your spotting though. When I was learning to do my multiple turns, i got kind of scared if i knew I wouldn’t make it all the way around for the second time, so i would put my foot down. Just go for it. I hope this helped!

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  • First keep trying!

    Second of all think of something that you can’t get you eye off while your turning. It might seem like a distraction but it will help! While you are practicing you might want to hang something to the wall that you want to look at or in the recital you can look at someone in the audience.

    Hope this help and good luck at the recital!

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