How can I listen to .rar files downloaded from RapidShare?

I downloaded a couple of music files from the RapidShare website and noticed that they are in the .rar format. When I try to open them, my computer’s media programs (Windows Media Player & RealPlayer) both say that they cannot play the files because they are not a supported format. What can I do to get them to play?


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  • Download WinRar (

    Instal WinRar

    Right-click the .rar file, and choose “Extract here…”

    Now you’ll get your mp3 or other format files you can most likely play.


  • RAR is a compressed file like a ZIP file. The song will be in that compressed folder. To open the folder download the trial of winace. Open the file in it the drag the song onto your desktop


  • a .rar file is a compressed file or a zipped file you need to extract the files before you can play them. get 7-zip and install it then right click the rar file and from the context menu that comes up select extract to “your folders name” and it will uncompress the files to a folder then open folder you will see the music files. then play them as normal.

    7-zip link and yes its free also.


  • yeah because they are compressed

    Google “rar expander for windows” its free to download and it will decompress the folder. then you can play it using your media player


  • Download WinRAR and open the .rar file.

    You can download WinRAR from


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