How do I give my boyfriend a good lap dance?

My boyfriend wants me to dance for him even though I think I’m a really bad dancer. He is very attracted to me and want me to shake my a** for him and dance. I want to give him a lap dance but I’m not very good at just winging it. I’d like some advice or some video clips I could watch 🙂 thanks for your help. No mean comments please

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  • If you have to ask …….

    Really now, all it takes in the “lap dance” dept. is

    to get him excited, its not so much about having super skill at this

    its about the turn-on of the moment, observe him and see what

    gets him excited. fake it … wing it …. whatever …

    you will do fine …. do not sweat the small stuff!

    enjoy ….

  • Just wear something that makes you feel sexy, the right music and you can’t lose.

  • Or take him to a bistro where they specialize in LDs.

  • It doesn’t have to be good, if you are nude or semi-nude that will make him happy enough.

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