How do I remove system care antivirus virus?

the infected laptop cant connect to the internet so, im looking for manual removal

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    I just checked and tried most of the solutions mentioned here but it did not work because I am having same issue in my system and want to fix it as soon as possible as I have important data. Whether you try to open, cmd.exe, taskkill.exe or msconfig,none of these application would start due to the systemcare virus. Please, try yourself and suggest some other guide to get rid of the problem.
    Looking for urgent guide.

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    start the laptop, in the start menu search box type


    open it up, now you will find ‘services’ and ‘startup’ tabs are the ones you are going to use.

    in services hide all microsoft (check the box) and now go through them, any you dont recognize you will have to google, one or more will be from the system care program, uncheck the ones associated with it,and also in the startup items. then apply and restart. this shoudl stop it from starting up.

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    See here…
    From the website above, press alt key on the keyboard, and then a menu will appear below the address bar
    Click Edit from the menu, and choose Find on this page
    In the find field, type Registration Codes
    The registration code will be displayed somewhere on the screen once you done this.
    Activate System Care Antivirus using the registration code.
    Go to control panel, Programs and Features (windows vista/7), Add/Remove programs (windows xp).
    Find System Care Antivirus and uninstall it.
    If System Care Antivirus is not listed in the Uninstall list, do this.
    Right click on the System Care Antivirus icon on the desktop, and click properties to get the actual name of the exe file of System Care Antivirus
    Click on Open File Location.
    If you cannot see the file, you may need to shoe hidden files and folders and drives to be able to see it.
    Click Start – Run
    Type this in
    taskkill.exe /FI “Windowtitle eq System Care Antivirus” /IM * /F
    Press enter.
    And then go to the directory of the System Care Antivirus exe file, and delete it.
    Hope this helps

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    Hi ,

    boot system at safemode with network
    scan with trend micro ATTK or housecall .

    always use one good and trsuty security software :

    trend micro

    Best Regards ,

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    To terminate System Care Antivirus use the following sequence of simple steps:

    Run Explorer by clicking Win+E.
    Go to the folder –> C:Windowssystem32
    Copy two files –> cmd.exe and taskkill.exe and transfer them to your desktop.
    Rename those files on the desktop –> cmd.exe into explorer.exe and taskkill.exe intoiexplore.exe.
    Run from the desktop renamed file cmd.exe (now explorer.exe).
    In the opened window type iexplore /FI “WINDOWTITLE eq System Care Antivirus” /IM * /F
    Press “Enter”.
    The malware process should be stopped if you carefully follow these instructions. BUT!!! The malware isn’t yet removed. Now you need to run security software to remove it.


    enter fake registration code – AA39754E-715219CE, After this Internet connection and Security tools are not blocked (works the same as instructions above )..

    Removal Tools:……

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    If you look for manual removal – this guide will help you –…
    In this article choose optional way to terminate the process of System Care Antivirus scam
    Actually, this method should work very well.

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    I am assuming you have another way of connecting to the internet via having access to yahoo answers.
    Follow the guide here:…

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    Do a system restore, just make sure that you restore it to a date prior to having
    this problem.

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