how do you find someone when you don’t know the last name?

my grandpa passed away seventeen years ago. his son from his second marriage does not know. my mom tried to contact him when it happened but had no luck. now i am trying to find him. i know his first and middle names but not his last. i also know where he lived about two years ago. please help me find him. this is very important to me.


i know my grandpas last name but am not sure what my uncles birth last name was and i know it is no longer my grandpas last name. and sadly i only know the city and states my uncle lived in.

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  • Try to get the last name from the address from two years ago.

  • Have you asked all your living relatives and old family friends? They may know the mother’s last name or other useful information.

    Try researching him the same way you would if he were on a Family Data sheet. Do you know about what year he was born or when your grandfather was married to his mother? Depending on state laws, you might be able to order a copy of your grandfather’s marriage records and find out her name. If any of this took place before , in a few months you can look them up on the US Census records.

    Your uncle may be using his mother’s maiden name if he isn’t using your grandfather’s surname. If he legally changed his name from your grandfather’s name to something else, you could check name change petitions using your grandfather’s surname in the city where he was born.

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  • You need to research his name using your Grandfathers surname. If you have an address from years check the city county directories in that area, or the phone book.. Sorry I am confused you indicated that you knew where he lived years ago but also that you,

    If you cannot figure out his surname it is all but impossible to locate him. years is a long time to wait to attempt to notify someone their parent has died.

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