how do you get itunes music onto windows movie maker?

well i tried dragging it but that didn’t work (it said there was an error). then i went into upload music files and into itunes, but none of the music was in there (it was just empty folders). anyone know how to fix this?


i didn’t actually buy it from itunes, it’s off a CD. it says the codec is wrong or something.

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  • check this site for itune drm removal


  • hello, well from what I just read it seems that ur trying to use the music on your itunes in a windows movie maker video. correct? well if you open up itunes and go to a song u want to put in the video just right click and click open containing folder. It will then open the folder on your pc with the song in it. And there just upload the song to the movie maker and u can use it. Hope i have been help.

  • ok i understand what u mean through fact im having the comparable prob yet i found out a answer. So first drag all of the songs u want right into a clean playlist on itunes then burn that playlist onto a cd After that eject the cd w like minutes than positioned the cd in the hard disk u gets a variety click import song into abode windows media participant now ur set. bypass to abode windows movie maker click import song discover ur playlist and there u bypass 🙂 Gl

  • The music, video you download from iTunes is drm protected. in order to play it on non-apple mp/mp players, you need to remove the drm and convert the protected music to other audio /video format. the easiest way is to burn an audio cd in itunes and rip it back as mp format. Or you can get DRM Removal Software to help you. Get here:

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    It’s not only DRM removal, but also media converter!

  • try upload inside your music folder instead of the itunes folder.

    edit: well sorry, don’t know any other way. i am having the same problems with videos i uploaded from my digital camera

  • You cant since stuff from Itunes is considered copyright it doesnt let you copy it in anyway you will have to find it on the internet

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  • click import music and look for the folder where all your iTunes music is stored.

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