How far can your imagination stretch….?


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    as far as i feel like going

  • Across The Universe, So Pretty Far I’d Say…

    The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe…

    Ref. Hitch-hikers Guide To The Galaxy…

    Have A G’day XOXOXOXOXO ;P ♥

  • To far. Sometimes the things I imagine/dream end up becoming real.

  • My imagination can stretch a long way / last place it went ? Ireland .

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  • velvet my Silky Skin friend,it can stretch longer,than your Granny Draws elastic,lol,and that is some stretch,lol,and last time,it stretched from Manchester,to an egg shell Coloured bedroom in Ireland,lol,some stretch or what,lol,and the odd thing is,i have Crisps stuck in my azz,lol,i have,

    so take care my sweet little Tiger.

  • Forever.

    eg: You may believe that your imagination can’t stretch very far, but then if you imagined it could stretch

    further, it can.

  • My imagination travels far and wide and last went where it went on it’s own – My Brain !!

    Made me Smile of course !!

  • Fairly far. Being an artist helps me bring it out.

  • i can stretch my i m a g i n a t i o n that far.

  • Across the universe.


  • my imagination can go anywhere O.o all my daydreams follow on from each other so it’d take a while to write it all out xD

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