how is it possible to be pregnant and still get your period?

i keep reading stories of people who keep getting their periods so they dont realize they are pregnant. im worried this might be the case with my gf because we had unprotected sex a few times but she gets her period every month and she says it starts out light but ends up really heavy. we took pregnancy test a few months ago and it was negative but how are u supposed to know ur pregnant then?


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  • It is not possible to still have a period and be pregnant. The two are incompatible with each other. When you are pregnant, you can still have bleeding which some women confuse as their period. If your gf is having heavy bleeding and a negative pregnancy test, she is not pregnant. I would advise you to use protection if you do not want to get pregnant. You have been lucky so far, but it may happen soon in the future if you continue having unprotected sex.

  • You can’t have your period when you’re pregnant. Once you get pregnant you start producing new hormones and your regular period cycle stops.

    However, you can BLEED or spot while you’re pregnant. This can be confused as having a period and there have been cases where women have gone through their whole pregnancy never knowing they were pregnant, because they had spotting while they were pregnant.

    However, if you’re really pregnant you shouldn’t be bleeding a lot all the time. Bleeding may happen in the beginning when the egg is implanted into the lining of the uterus. However the bleeding is usually light and not like the woman’s normal menstrual bleeding. Also, early pregnancy bleeding is normal.

    However, bleeding all the time during your pregnancy and bleeding A LOT is usually not normal. The pregnant woman could be having a miscarriage or something worse.

    It sounds like she’s having her regular period each month. If it truly is her period and not early pregnancy bleeding then she can’t be pregnant because pregnancy and menstrual cycles can’t happen at the same time.

    If you’re really worried about your girlfriend being pregnant and you don’t trust the pregnancy tests that you buy at the store then go to the doctor. The doctor can take a blood sample and see if your girlfriend is pregnant. It’ll be a better predictor than the pregnancy test that you buy at the store.

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    Hope that helps.


  • It is most typical for a woman to stop having periods when she is pregnant. However, there are some cases where a woman experiences what seems like normal period bleeding yet is pregnant. It is not common, but it is possible. In most cases it is the result of some type of hormonal issue. The period like bleeding a woman may have while pregnant is not a true period, but simply resembles a period. In my own personal case, my youngest was conceived while I was reliably taking birth control pills for 11 years. I had no idea I was pregnant and did continue to have what I thought was a normal period every month. When my doctor discovered the pregnancy at my yearly physical I had to have an ultrasound to determine gestation. We were all shocked when it showed I was already 17 weeks pregnant and I had no idea. This is an exception to most pregnancies, though. Most women who get pregnant while taking birth control pills do have a missed period or experience a period that is unusual in some way. If you have unprotected sex your risk of a pregnancy is quite high so it would be best to use at least one form of birth control and two would be even better if you are not ready to be parents at this point in time. In the general sense, if your girlfriend is having periods that seem normal than chances are very high that she is not pregnant. Most women do not have any vaginal bleeding while pregnant other than maybe some spotting unless there are some medical problems.

  • It’s possible. Don’t listen to some of these num nuts. I know MANY people who still get their periods and they’re pregnant. Although the periods don’t last the whole pregnancy, they can happen a few times within the first 2-3 months. It also depends on though if your period is regular or if it’s acting weird. And you’ll know when It’s acting weird, trust me.

  • If she is having heavy bleeding, even at the end of her cycle, she isn’t pregnant. Most women who have bleeding while they are pregnant are having more what we refer to as spotting. Its never enough to have to change a pad more than once a day at most.

  • don’t have unprotected sex, and if you do, take the morning after pill straight away..if you don’t take a test a few weeks later to see. Look up on the symptoms for pregnancy, so you are clued up.

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  • i dont know howit is possible but it is. it happend with my grandma and my mom.

    if the test is negative then relax.

    having a period while pregnant is very uncommon, but, possible

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