How to delete virus in detailed report kaspersky?

I downloaded a virus and kaspersky caught it. My quarantine is empty and my downloads folder is empty too.

It is only in my detailed report and i want to delete it but it says delete entry so that means that the file won’t be deleted? i want to get rid of it

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  • If Kaspersky caught it the it may have deleted it already, and just left you the report. Dangerous infections are deleted and are not kept in quarantine? But to make sure, get your computer into safe mode, select with networking, so you can download and install Malware Bytes, let it update and full scan. This is a selective startup and any infection will be dormant in safe mode and easy to remove. If anything found delete and restart your computer, the scan again in normal mode.
  • maybe delete and not quarantine .

    for more information contact with kaspersky support :

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  • Superantispyware is free to use, give it a shot.


  • Don’t worry Kaspersky caught and dealt with the threat.It’s safe to carry on.


  • i dunno. maybe you should see a doctor so it doesnt spread… sounds serious, and you should stay in quarantine so people dont catch your kaspersky disease

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