How to live life happily after marriage?


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    I would say ‘love, trust and commitment’ will be the essence of a happily married life. Adjusting or just listening to the other without talking, blah blah will not be a problem if love is there. Every problem comes only f the love lacks in a marital relationship. Blaming the other person, complaining, everything happens only if the love detoriates. One should disclose everything that he does to their partner. No secrets should be there, atleast as for as me..

    See, couples would be happy if they find their real happiness in the happiness over their partners. I do..:-) I would say a yes for something if my hubby like to do it, even if I really don’t like. At the most, I will not regret for allowing him to do, as I can be really happy only if he does..:-)

    You may think it is too early for me to say these stuffs, but you know what, even before my marriage, I use to think he is my husband rather thinking like he is my bf / lover. If I’m not wrong, even in Y!A I had never uttered him as my bf / lover..:-)

  • The more you expect from your partner, the less happy you would be. So, just be the way you are, do what you ought to do and be happy.

    As two people from two different families and different life styles come together to start a new living, there would be adjustments, differences and compromises in the beginning. If you concentrate more on happiness than on the above ones, things will be settled eventually and you will be happy with your life partner. You just need to give it some time for your relationship to understand each other.

    All the best for your marriage…

  • I didn’t want to be married in the first place but I did agree so can not say I was forced , we were married less than a year divorced my wife.

    I love not being married and I can do all the things I enjoy such as travelling months a year and when at home doing things I like :- motorcycles , x off roading and stuff a wife doesn’t approve of [parachuting etc]

    I have no interest in relationships and my religion doesn’t allow girlfriends but I get plenty of invites for marriage [no thanks] Anyway I am too immature to be married maybe later when I am about .

    Enjoy your life and take lots of risks, if it kills you then at least you will die doing something enjoyable

  • There is nothing wrong with agnostic. It’s not that she doesn’t believe in God, she probably has questions like a growing number of Christians about all the contradictions, the stuff that is not talked about, or worse, totally forgotten or disregarded. Perhaps this will be a good path for you, and if your Christianity is important to you, it might help you understand your beliefs and faith better. But then again, you may get to burn in a lake of fire and all that, you should do in the end what you think is right, not what everybody else, including the Bible tells you. Feelings are more important.

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  • Understand each other well, love and respect each other’s family well, discuss all issues and arrive at a consensus decision, don’t worry abt. small bickering it will strengthen the relation, but never prolong it by the time u both go to bed it should get over. Above all, enjoy sex life to the fullest, which is the backbone of a successful married life. Any issues related to sex should be discussed then and there and sorted out without any hesitation. Keep yr creditworthness in check always.

  • Every individual is unique in this world. In marriage two unique individuals come to live under the same roof.Each one has got his/her positive and negative qualities.If both accept each other totally with all the limitations then the marriage will be a success.Also,a happy marriage is about loving and caring for each other and sharing the responsibilities(domestic and other) and also sharing joys and sorrows of each other.

  • I’ve come across an article written in the and thought it would help a lot, so check it out! Their archives have other articles in marriage as well and you could have a look.…

    Marriage, from what I’ve seen of my parents (still married ish years later despite the great ups and terrible downs) involves much sacrificial love and compromise (compromise towards little things, not doctrinal beliefs or stuff that serious). My mom was diagnosed as depressive and for the first few years, my dad was almost like, living a “hell” of a life. Never thought of divorce, and that is what I really admire him for. Once he committed to marrying her, he was going to be THERE till death do them apart. Mom has since then improved much and I know that you may not be going through something as extreme as a spouse with severe depression (eg to the point of knocking head on the wall) but this is just an example to show that if both of you hang in there, you will pull through and come out stronger each time, no matter how many times you find yourself down in the mud of bad times. And maybe you are going through something as extreme as what I described or even worse, in which case the same thing applies, you WILL get through it. If you are a Christian, draw your strength from Christ because he promises to be with you at whatever stage of your life and in whatever situation you are in. And he truly keeps his promises.

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    Here’s a quote from CS Lewis’ book Mere Christianity: “Look for yourself, and you will find in the long run only hatred, loneliness, despair, rage, ruin, and decay. But look for Christ and you will find Him, and with Him everything else thrown in.”

    No, the journey will not be easy, dear friend, but it will be worth it. And the interesting thing is that you might only realise this in hindsight. God be with you. 🙂

  • Be truly God fearing, polite, positive, simple, sincere, sweet, soft, cooperative, tolerant (in small matters) with daily & regular love, care, share, respect & trust. Have sex maximum number of time during non-ovulation days of wife at mid night. Have external physical sexercises on bed together regularly by wearing only bikinis for at least half an hour daily. Go on holiday trips regularly at places of natural beauties too monthly. Play indoor games together. In a successful marriage, deep love, affection & intimacy actually increases after marriage procedures day by day. Make that a surity. Sweet & soft words & actions do wonders in deep love. Fulfil responsibilities of the spouse.

  • first make sure what u think marriage is what u expect life should be after your marriage , then when u are ready for marriage find u r partner tell about your expectation and know his/her expectation only if U both agree then only u can live happy life . remember marriage is not for sex only there R many things to be considered

  • It’s all about being selfless. Any relationship that you ever want to keep requires a certain level of selflessness. When we fight and argue and get annoyed with each other, it’s when we become selfish and only care about what WE want. Our natural tendency is always to always explain to someone else OUR side. We need to stop and look in the mirror at our own mistakes and approach things with humility.

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