I don’t know my Great-Grandmothers maiden name but would like to know exactly where she came from.?

Does anyone have ideas how to start a complex journey like this? She was a prisoner in the Armenian Genocide and came to America sometime in the early ‘s. My grandfather has passed away and my aunt and father didn’t speak armenian so they didn’t communicate much with her while they were young.

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  • If she was a prisoner in the Armenian Genocide then she is likely to be a Christian or of Jewish faith ( not muslim) The Armenian Genocide happened in so she is likely to have gone to the US after that date.




    There will be records of passenger ship lists such as http://www.ellisisland.org/ if she is on there then so will her nationality, maybe people she travelled with as well.




    Her marriage and death certificate should give you some information about her, including her fathers name and occupation.

  • Was she from Armenia? That’s probably where she came from… But You’ll have to find out her maiden name. Was she married when she came to America? If not, find out the ship she came on and find the records like the passenger list and that. Then find all the people with the same first name and get a specialist to see which surnames come from that area.

    This MIGHT work. Otherwise, get in touch with Who do you think you are and they will help!

  • See if you can find any old family obituaries – even your GF death certificate may be of some help- would give you a starting point in Armenia perhaps–who has oldest Bible now – family correspondence from that time period….agree you gotta have a name but you can find it ….

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  • you need a name, it’s gonna be impossible if you don’t have one.

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