i have a dell lattitude d531 laptop,but for some reason my wireless button doesnt seem to work,any suggestions?

ive got a dell d531 lattitude laptop, ive had it for 6months now,recently ive reinstalled windows, after that my wireless button does not work neither can i connect to internet via wireless connection, any suggestions? i would appreciate it much if someone could help me on this topic, thank


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  • Sounds like you`ve lost your wireless network driver, you`ll find it here.


    Best to use ethernet cable on your laptop to download the driver.


  • You are sure your wireless switch is on so you can verify that the wireless card is not disabled if so do this

    Switch off your router and leave it off

    1.Right click your wireless icon bottom right of you taskbar choose (Network and sharing centre)

    2.Choose (manage network connections)

    3.Right click the wireless connection (if at the top of the list it says enable) choose that to enable it

    close that

    4.On the same menUu choose(manage wireless networks if yours is there remove it and continue

    back to your desktop and close down if it is not close down anyway

    5.Switch on your router and let it load

    6.Restart the laptop and go back to the (wireless icon )right click and choose connect to a network

    7.When yours appears add your password and thats you hopefully connected


  • go to the dell website and reinstal the drivers. You’ve probably removed them when you reinstalled windows. Also look in Administrative tools for anything wireless that isn’t activated.


  • Drivers? try updating?


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