I just had a great idea!!!?

Hi, i’ writing a story about this female irish pirate. if this story goes well, i was thinking of making it in to a series. I read that some people say that the lost land of Atlantis was actually ireland. So, what if for the second book, the pirates set out to find it? I’m only just thinking about it, would that make a good story? or ahs it been done before?

Thanks 🙂

also, can someone answer this?

http://uk.answers. /question/index;_ylt=Al…

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  • Oh, i love the idea. It sounds really interesting, i’d read it.

  • I would read that, since I’ve been fascinated with Atlantis since I watched the (I think it was) Disney movie (:

    But, you would have to do a lot of research, is all. Good luck though.


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  • Yeah sounds good.

  • its a good idea you would just have to make it really exciting. if you ever publish it ill read it.

  • yeah it’s a good idea

  • yeah i like =)


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