I want to be a dancer again but..?

I had started dancing when I was years old at this dance company that wasn’t really good. I danced there until I was and then I went to this other dance company that was really good. I was a good dancer but I was only at the really good dance company for one year. Then I quit when I was . I’m now and it’s been forever since I danced. I love dancing though, just anywhere usually. I keep seeing the Step Up movie trailers and it makes me want to dance again. I would really like to go to another dance company and take lessons and compete cause that was the best part about dancing. Competing. But since I’m , I don’t know if I should start dancing again. All the other girls have been dancing since forever and I would feel like I don’t know anything. I just don’t know. Do you think it’s okay to start dancing again being ? I wish I never quit. I want to be a street style dancer because it’s so cool and every time I see people dancing like that I wish I could do that. It’s so amazing and I wish I could do that.

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  • Hey, Im years old and i’m a dancer 🙂 Its definitely not too late, especially because you want to be a street dancer! Just take beginner hip hop classes and even break dance classes, and you will get there in no time! When i was , i started taking hip hop classes for the first time ever, and months later, i was good enough so i got invited to compete in hip hop competitions! You never know until you try, its alright to be behind, you just have to work double as hard to catch up! Good luck 🙂

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