I want to lose my virginity to my best friend… what should I do?

Ok so here it goes….I Have my best guy friend that i’ve known since kindergarden and we both have made it clear that we love each other and want to try things with each other. But the thing is that we both have issues that kind of come in the way. For one I no everything about him. He has had a past record of cheating. But i didn’t think that would be a problem since he said he has changed and he would never hurt me. The other problem is that he still has feelings for his ex which is one of my close friends by the way and she doesn’t like him anymore. I didn’t really know what our relationship was gunna be like so i told him that i don’t want it to be a friends with benifits thing because I have had friends that that has ended babdly to. He then had said well if i get back with my ex that could get awkward which then makes me think that he doesn’t care as much for me as he does his ex and he even said in his werid fantasy world his ex is his wife and i was his secret lover?!!! But he did also say he might wanna try being bf and gf so i don’t know. I don’t want our friendship to end over this factor. It can end badly if we do stuff…and I don’t think we can resist not doing anything with each other….I don’t know what to do?!!!!!


just to make things clear he doesn’t want to have sex with me cus he says he cares about me to much but i no for a fact he does love me he doesn’t just want to get laid its complicated!

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  • He isn’t sure about his feelings, he wants you both. Just give him time, he will make his choice.

  • I didnt even read the whole thing but it sounds like this guy wants to get laid and nothing else. he is using you. IT dosent matter if you have been friends for a long time he is still hung up on his ex.

    Dont do anything with him or i think you will definatley regret it.

    wait until there is someone who truly cares about you and wants to be with you not someone who is just being with you because it is convenient until they get there ex partner back .

  • I think resistance is your best bet. He is not over her yet , even if she is over him. But until he gets over her , you are sorta just the other girl or thought. And you do not want that do ya?

  • not what you want to hear,but what would you do if i put a very hot rock into your hand?

  • listen to gracie!!!!

  • if you love him, then do it……..

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