Ideas for Warrior series "fanfiction"?

Do you have any ideas for anything the cats could go through? I’m not asking for an entire plot outline, just some rough ideas to get me writing 🙂 I haven’t written in a year or so, and it’s been really tough on me. :/ So I’m hoping to get back into it! If y’all could help that’d be great!!! Thanks so much!

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  • I do many warrior rps (which is similar to story writing, except many people do it together), and here are some of our favourite ‘problems’:

    A harsh leafbare (where the Clans may have to depend on each other) – this one is great for developing, you can have cats starving to death, severe outbursts of illnesses such as greencough or even blackcough, and shortages of prey and/or herbs

    A common enemy – this one is fun too, you may have all the Clans uniting against a pack of dogs, foxes, badgers, or even humans; or several of the Clans may unite against one Clan that is causing troubles for all of them. Maybe some troublesome loners/rogues/kittypets are trespassing into their territory, toying with their prey, wrecking their borders, soiling their territory, and need to be dealt with

    Disasters – in the stories they had a drought, and if you don’t want to have the same thing, you could have floods, thunderstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis (if they’re close to a sea), etc, and maybe the Clans have to move, or maybe they are able to pull through and can stay in their territories

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    Forbidden loves – this may not seem like a problem, but it can lead to battles. Who gets the kits, the father’s Clan or the mother’s Clan? Sometimes it’s solved easily, but if both sides are overly protective and wish to have the kits, it can become a full-scale battle.


  • Well, you know that the Warrior Cats always have to go through issues with humans – you could include anything from building a new mall or apartment building on Clan land to cats being taken and sold to other humans. Then there are natural disasters, like earthquakes, droughts, floods, fires, et cetera.

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