I’m trying to get into www.argos.com but the page will not load.?

I was in the site at work but am unwilling to use works internet to pay for goods. Anything I can do?


sorry argos.co.uk

Update :

no error message. Just continously loading

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  • Hi,

    Well that site works ok for me in forefox.

    What sort of error are you getting?


  • Cant understand the reason you are having problem logging on that site I have used this site on numerous occasions without any trouble anyway try the link listed below good luck

    Source(s): http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Home.htm?sRefURL=htt…

  • Don’t really understand what your question means, since you already mention that these no error message. This could be the slow internet connection on your place.

  • works ok for me, try doing a search and loading it from the search engine.

    You can hold down ctrl and click on the site and it will open in a new page

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