I’m writing a book with a teenage girl as the narrator. WOULD IT BE MORE REALISTIC IF I TYPED IT ALL IN CAPS?

I live for authenticity…

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  • OH MY GOD!!!!!!! UR A FRIGGING GENYUS. Now answer my question. Do you think I’m pretty? How can I tell if he really likes me?

  • No. I’ve moved around a lot and never met any teenage girl who wrote in all caps. The only people I know who write in all caps are old people who think the lowercase is too hard to see and the grown men who write in all caps so people can read their handwriting instead of having illegible lowercase letters. Teenage girls DO NOT write in all caps unless they are putting emphasis on something. Like I did when saying “do not”. 🙂

    Source(s): Observant thirteen year old girl

  • Heh no. I would seem like she is yelling or shouting. Try to get ideas from books that the narrator is a teenage girl.

  • That sounds so large! i visit rather inform you to choose for it!!!! For some extra chapters, look into your on a daily basis existence and see what issues you do on a daily basis. makeup, growing to be up, mum and dad, pals, gossip, trusting your pals and boyfriend, are purely some subjects you may desire to write approximately. Suprisingly to your self, you will probable write a lot of motivational and inspiring writing for preteens and youth on those subjects without relizing you knew plenty! be sure you arise with a catchy identify and let us know in case you get printed because of the fact i visit rather purchase the e book! I want you to bigger of success!!!!! subjects: makeup growing to be Up mum and dad pals Gossip/have faith Peer stress ingesting/drugs Self-image/physique image

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  • No. Especially if you mean to get it published. Or online. You will get flamed. Listen to teenage girls talk. Write it how they talk. Don’t go overkill. Or write normally. Just DO NOT write it in all caps.

  • Yeah.. No. That’s absolutely ridiculous. You could do that if you were a th grader and wanted to annoy every single person who read the stupid book. If you actually did do that, then no one would take you seriously and you would get laughed at.

    Food for thought. 🙂

  • Yes, if you feel like the teenage girl feels like screaming throughout the book.

  • Why would you do that? Only if you’re really upset and YELLING about something, but in moderation. Keep it realistic for crying out loud!

    Source(s): I’m a teenage girl and I don’t do that.

  • No if i did i would feel like im yelling at someone while reading a book

  • Heh no. I would seem like she is yelling or shouting. Try to get ideas from books that the narrator is a teenage girl.

  • I have seen some great stories by teenage GIRLS, LOL! I guess you could say that I AM one at HEART!!! But to be TRUTHFUL and not to mention AUTHENTIC…just be sure you add the part about “What I want is WORLD PEACE”…teehehehe

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