internet speed ethernet and wifi?

My roommates use ethernet cables to play video games making the internet at our home extremely slow. We have a belkin router that was installed on my mac and I have the cd for it; is there anything I can do to increase my internet speed while reducing theirs?



please if you write an answer be a little specific because I don’t have much knowledge on routers and computers :/


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  • Without knowing the model of the router, it’s impossible to say if your router has bandwidth limiters.

    EDIT: You’ll need to edit the QoS (quality of service) settings and assign less priority to the gaming packets, but that would require knowing what is their game and what sort of packets they are using, which may get a bit too technical. Read this and see if it’s understandable:…


  • NO

    you need to connect via LAN but even that may be slow

    The only thing you might be able to do is retsrict their logging on time.

    ie only for a limited amount of time or during a certain time of the day.

    at any other time they wont be able to join to the router.

    to change your router settings you must be connected via a lan

    you need a business standard router to implement clever configurations

    that distribute performance across users.

    there is the possibility of adding a second router or just a hub.

    you being the user of the first router and them being the

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    users of the second router thus forcing them into the one feed

    for the first router so they are combined into one cable.

    alternatively you could buy an older network HUB and join them

    together that way so they are then fed in again as a single lan cable

    your router. If it was old it could be slow, like a 10 rather than a 1.

    that would seriously annoy them though and possibly make their games

    unplayable, but hey who is paying the bill?


  • Should be something in the settings for for the router ip that you can enable which would allow speeds to be used evenly across how many users. go through the settungs its in there I just forgot what it was for


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