Is it fair to go around thumbing up your Contacts willy-nilly and ignoring everyone else’s answers?


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    Why not?

  • If i choose to pass returned to a query or ‘undergo in recommendations’ an internet site or an answer that replaced into on the reaction record. playstation : i’m in a bad temper today and asserting ‘willy nilly’ purely helped a sprint…in keeping with threat, i will attempt returned the following day. (i will ‘megastar’ this question in case I overlook 😉

  • Fair? Darling, it’s obligatory!

    An auntie has to get her willy-nilly seen to however she can, darling.

    And in a small way, it minimally makes up for the horrid loss of points brought about by the nastyface who stalks any question that even remotely resembles an avatar game and skeevily reports every answer and THEN the question, to cause maximum pain.


  • No,

    it is not fair,

    not to thumb up a deserving answer,

    because truthfulness, righteousness, consciousness and collective goodness

    constitute the base of the essence of both of the religion and the spirituality.

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  • It’s a completely pointless game EXCEPT from yahoos point of view. At least they make money from it. We make imaginary points that really don’t amount to anything since, with just under a minute’s work, we can make a new account at any time. Yahoo then pretends that each of these accounts is a totally different user.

  • Who is to say what is fair or unfair? To me, it’s a question of efficiency and quality — I already know my contacts give high-quality answers (that’s why they are my contacts), so a lot of the time I will just scan down a question and only read the answers from my contacts.

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  • its terribly unfair but the alternative is to thumb down everyone who is not a contact. And I prefer not to touch my contacts Willy-Nillies unless I’m wearing gloves,

  • Like the Yamster cares about being fair! I just got a violation this morning that cracked me up. The question said that God created women, so isn’t it a sin to cover them in shame? I said that God created baby boys too, but people still love to circumcise them because they’re not perfect enough. Whatever.

  • Go on, I’ll hold still whilst you thumb me up…Lol! I mean, why else did god give you an opposable digit?

    (*goes on thumbing spree*)

    maybe YA ought to add a “middle finger” option for all those narkie boobheads that deserve more than just the thumb 🙂

  • It’s fair to say a lot of “other answers” are best ignored because the worry is, that in the action of reading them, that they will come true and you wouldn’t want that now would you?

    I try not to read anything Firebalz or anything Julia Peculiar

    EDIT that dumbiznitch Firebalz, (who I used to block as a rule) reported one or two of my questions when I answered her back so……….. we don’t really need to encourage her (((culty))) sweetie darhhlingk 🙂

  • It would be fair to those who see it as such. Speaking for myself, I would rather choose to thumbs up those whose answers I believe are deserving of such.

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