my friend has a son who is almost two years old?

he cries when he sees most people, he always wants to be with his mum, if his dad is looking after him he is very restless and cries, and if anyone else bothers with him he cries, its basically just his mum he is ok with. I am going to be looking after him in a few days, i want the child to be ok with me, and not to cry when he sees me or anything. what can i do?


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  • Well, I would recommend that before you are looking after him, you meet with him and perhaps take him to the park or the corner shop, if you can walk there or play with him for a bit while his Mummy is there.

    Another thing you can do is find out his favorite program and put it on right after his mummy leaves. I have a nanny that brought a suitcase full of toys that were for my daughter’s and son’s age range. They were not allowed to open it until after I left. When I used to babysit, I brought a surprise bag that they were allowed to open after their mummy would go out: it had stickers, colors, paper, kiddie magazine.

    I’m sorry to say, but he is at an age where he is naturally clingy to mummy. In his eyes, nobody can comfort him in the same way and she naturally understands him better than anyone. It’s something that he will learn to deal with and honestly, if his mummy would go out on a weekly basis..he will get used to the idea. Just relax, be understanding and let him cry…hold him and remind him mummy will come back. You really might not be able to help him to calm down because it usually takes some time for a child with separation anxiety to get over it.

    The key is…distraction…if it’s a nice day..take him for a walk..tell him you are going to find squirrels..bugs…birds..what ever animal he likes most…when he gets back…he won’t be as worried about his mummy. If he is inside all the time, he’ll always be watching the door or windows, waiting for her to come back to him. Just pray for good weather…OR…if he has wellies…and a raincoat and his mum is alright with puddle splashing…it might be a good idea too.

    Best of luck…I’m sure you are going to do fine. Take care..and take deeeeeep breaths if it all goes wrong and he refuses distractions.

    Best regards.

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  • He cries- you comfort him.

    Be sure he has his comfort object from home. Maybe ask the mom to bring over a blanket he is familiar with from his bed and some familiar toys in a bag so he isn’t suddenly without familiar things.

    Sounds strange, but ask mom to send over a T shirt that she wore within the 24 hours and put it on his pillow or in bed with him. Having that is comforting for little ones away from home because it will remind them of mom.

    Stick to his routine as much as you can in terms of when he eats, what he likes to eat or snack on etc.. Having those familiar things around will help too.

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    My son is 2 1/2 and he loves play dough. It’s just fun for them at that age to squish and play with at a table or on a plastic mat. It’s also inexpensive to have on hand or you could make your own with flour, salt and water with a little food coloring.

    He’s going to be at the age he wants mom. My own is going through it and when he’s hurt, hungry, tired or wants something in his mind, mommy is the only one who knows how to do it and no one is better than mom. The best thing you can do is try to have things he would at home and stick to his routine. Ask your friend about bedtime routine, eating and things that you’ll need to know while she’s away. you’ll be fine. Just remember, he’s not quite 2 and right now mommy is his world. Keep things light, simple and close to home as possible and he’ll be fine.

  • Sounds like you might have a rough night ahead of you. Ask his mum what his favourite DVD or book is and have her pack it with his jammies. It’s important when looking after kiddies, to stay as calm as you can, he will pick up on any “discomfort” that you show.. My top tip, when I used to babysit for my mate’s kiddies, was try being as normal as possible. No need for mountains of sweet treats as bribes. When it was close to bed-time, I made sure that I spent time with the kiddies, reading a book to them, not getting them all wound up.. Calm voice and no sugar intake, before bed.. If the worst happens and your mate’s boy is crying, just remember that he will be going home in the morning and you can catch up with your sleep, later on.. You never know, it might turn out to be a very good night..

  • I don’t quite know what people expect. He’s only been outside the womb less than 24 months!

    He might cry. Think up lots of really entertaining things to do. Things that will get him thinking. An expedition in the woods to collect things. Making stuff. Avoid TV and sweets.

    Good luck.

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  • One thing I’ve noticed is that kids don’t like to be “bombarded” with attention, even as good intentioned as it is. Lots of kids feel better if you just sit back and wait for them to come to you. Don’t force yourself upon him.

    If he cries, just talk to him from the sofa, saying stuff like, I know you’re sad your mommy is gone. I know its upsetting but she’ll be back real soon.


    Hey, I brought this book about ____. Do you want to read it with me?

    Try and get him interested in something else and take his mind of it. If you can get him to trust you within the first few mintues, it shoud go pretty smoothly afterwards.

    And lastly, don’t let him know you are scared he may cry or that you are nervous. Kids can pick up on that. Just accept and acknowledge his feelings and move on.

  • when you see him be sure to smile a lot at him, give your attention to whatever he is doing at the time, i.e playing. i found kids love when u sit on the floor and get involved with them, ask him to draw you a picture or get a teddy and “make it come alive” i do this with all kids…make the teddies dance on the floor etc…basically make it your sole intention to have fun with him, if he cries reassure and comfort him and play some more, pop a bit of music on too. my friends son is almost two and he loves to dance.

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    so my advice is plenty of toys and plenty of patience. he should warm to you eventually. most adults see a crying, clingy kid and give up hope. I wish you all the best and hope he enjoys the stay at your house.

  • show him you are strong and confident and NOT fickle.

    show him you are calm and relaxed and that his crying is not stressing you out. he will get bored of his own crying! give attention to fun things, but not to tantrums. if he tantrums, try to distract him first. find the fun in everything, talk to him loads, sing, be the fun and interested. if he cries tell him you can hear him. some parents tell their kids they can’t hear them when they wish they’d shut up, but telling them that will just upset them more! say you can hear him, but that its boring when he cries & that you’d rather be having fun with him. good luck

  • if you are calm and gently deal with him when he cries, he will begin to like you. when he cries, pick him up and hug him and be like “shhh shhhh” or put on his favorite television show. that is usually what works with my nephew so good luck!! 🙂

  • When he cries you should spank him for 15 minutes and them put him in timeout.

  • use sweets

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