my husband’s phone has this on his bill and there’s a number before it and t number? is the smpt/pop3 for blackberry phones.

for example, if you send a picture or multimedia message to someone with a blackberry, your address will be
[email protected]

Coworkers? Friends? Unless you can see the content of texts and know what was said during calls, you may never know. Contrary to popular belief, married men can talk to women without being big cheaters. I’m never trying to defend spying, but if you’re so worried, look at his phone when he sleeps and see if the messages are there. He’ll be upset that you don’t trust him, but at least you’ll see if he’s talking to him inappropriately. GL

Do not worry.

It sounds weird. Contact them and see what it is.

Nothing to worry about – it’s also on my account sometimes, please see the link

Answer 7

ask him about it


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